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Who we are



The Treaty Oak is the last surviving member of the Council Oaks

Embodiment of strength & perseverance

The Treaty Oak is a historic live oak tree in Austin, Texas, estimated to be more than 500 years old and the last surviving member of the Council Oaks, a grove of 14 trees that served as a sacred meeting place for indigenous tribes and the location for the negotiation and signing of numerous treaties. Legends also hold that women of the Tejas tribe would drink a tea made from honey and the acorns of the oaks to ensure the safety of warriors in battle.

Before its vandalism in 1989, the Treaty Oak's branches had a spread of 127 feet. In 1997, the Treaty Oak produced its first crop of acorns since the vandalism. Today the tree is thriving and a symbol of strength and perseverance. As a completely woman-owned business, we know about strength and perseverance and that it takes time to build strong, renowned reputations.

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Our company

Treaty Oak Strategies is a female-owned consulting and governmental relations firm supporting health care professionals and organizations in Texas and across the country. We specialize in healthcare with an emphasis in Medicaid, CHIP and government programs and have received recognition by the state of Texas as a historically underutilized business.. Our diverse background of working for advocacy organizations, the state of Texas and for well-known trade associations gives our clients the expertise needed to navigate the legislative and regulatory landscape. From operational support to lobby services, our 20 plus years of experience provides health care companies with effective strategies to achieve a competitive advantage. Like the Treaty Oak, we bring strength and perseverance to the clients we represent.

Meet the founder


Laurie Vanhoose


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